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Welcome to Unicorn Baby, The Detergent For Babies!

We are proud to introduce our new baby detergent to the world — Unicorn Baby, that is! Her name is “Blossom” and she is the mascot of the next generation of safe, biodegradable baby washing detergents for natural wools and synthetic knitwear and clothing, multi-colored fabrics and textiles.

Use on

  • bibs,
  • soft toys,
  • baby garments,
  • blankets,
  • newborn clothes,
  • bedding and more,

and don't forget your own cherished hand-knit sweaters. Washing baby clothes and fine knits just got a whole lot easier with a specially formulated baby detergent!

I like to snuggle. Will you be my friend?

Blossom with butterfly

(Place your mouse cursor on Blossom)

Try out our amazing baby detergent product FOR FREE!

Got cloth diapers?

‘Poop doesn’t have a chance’ against Beyond Clean baby detergent! Plus, the refreshing formula ensures that your baby will experience no irritants, just clean clothes and toys. Baby clothes will be clean, soft, and refreshed, without residue building in your washing machine from standard detergents.

Unicorn Baby detergent products, the go-to laundry care for the entire family:

  • Sensitive skin

  • Because of the absence of harsh chemicals or fragrance, Beyond Clean and Beyond Wash laundtry detergents for babies, is ideal laundry and fabric care for people with eczema or other sensitive skin conditions or health concerns.

  • Fragile-item care

  • Beyond Fibre Wash detergent for babies can help remove soil and stains on knit or fabric heirloom items, making them fresh and looking like new for the next generation to enjoy. Even if the piece has had embedded organic soils— you’ll be amazed at how clean it comes out when washed by hand or the washer!

  • Water pH

  • Regardless of whether you launder in hard or soft water, Unicorn Baby laundry detergents for babies are specially formulated to remove stains without removing color or fabric softness.

Of course, always follow Manufacturer’s Care labels for specific instructions before washing. Unicorn Baby safe baby detergent products are designed to be effective even in high-efficiency washers.

  • No Phosphates
  • No Enzymes
  • No Fillers
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Earth Friendly

  • Made in USA